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Rachel has a passion for helping to create loving, lasting bonds and to improve relationships between dogs and their families. She seeks to help people to better understand their dogs. In doing so, this helps them to find a new appreciation for their canine companions, deepening their bond and creating a much more harmonious and happier home. 

Meet Rachel McMichael CBCC-KA, IAABC-ADT, CCDT

From a very early age Rachel was drawn to nature & animals and this continued through childhood, well into adulthood. Rachel first began volunteering with different animal organizations nearly 20 years ago and after helping out with a large dogfighting case in Missouri, she decided to attend vet tech school to further herself in the animal care field. In her studies she became quite passionate about animal behavior - especially after noticing that it seemed to come as an afterthought in Vet Tech school, so she began to mentor with local trainers and behavior consultants to gain knowledge in everything she could. At that time, she learned a great deal about the canine mind and taught many successful dog and puppy training classes. 
Rachel graduated with honors, holding a degree in Veterinary Technology in 2011 - she then went on to work in shelters, specializing in behavior, for roughly 10 years after graduation. A perpetual student, she also attended CATCH Canine Training Academy where she was a graduate of distinction and became a Certified Dog Trainer. She focused on trick dog training for some time, becoming a Certified Trick Dog Instructor with Do More With Your Dog, then following that up by also becoming a Canine Conditioning Fitness Coach, Stunt Dog Judge and Animal Actors Evaluator. She also is a AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator and S.T.A.R. Puppy Evaluator. Rachel is  proud to be an Accredited Dog Trainer through the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants. Rachel took her credentials even further by earning her CBCC-KA, becoming a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant which is one of the most prestigious titles for Canine Behavior Professionals. There are less than 350 of these professionals worldwide, less than 20 in the state of PA, and she is currently the only Behavior professional holding this title in Butler County!  In addition to the physical and behavioral health of an animal, Rachel had studied various Holistic healing methods and went on to become a Certified Animal Reiki Practitioner and Usui Ryoho Reiki Master, focusing on helping some dogs with healing energies as well. 

She is a proud professional member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers, as well as a professional member of the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants. She has attended many behavior seminars and demonstrations over the years and continues to earn credits, attend conferences, and stay on top of the most current animal behavior studies. 

Rachel has learned that all of her experiences combined allows her to see the whole animal - mind, body and spirit, enabling her to help each individual animal find balance. Being able to see and help the whole dog sets UpSwing apart from so many others.
Rachel has experience with all kinds of domestic and exotic animals from dogs and cats, to birds, lizards, snakes, fish and even tarantulas. An animal lover her entire life, there is absolutely no animal that she wouldn't care for. Rachel prides herself on her vast knowledge, patience, kindness and competence when it comes to the proper care of animals. She has the ability to administer medications, give injections and fluids if need be. She is pet CPR and First Aid Certified as well as bonded and insured.

She is super passionate about creating enriching, positive and lasting bonds between pets and their families and views training as an integral and imperative part of overall wellness for our pets. She truly believes that a great relationship with your dog is more important than any trick you could ever teach and you can teach your dog just about any trick if you have a great relationship!  

If there is anything you and your pet may need, Rachel is just a text, call or an email away. She looks forward to helping you in any way she can.

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