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Nicana Garmon

Nicana Garmon is a Fear Free Certified Professional, and is currently enrolled in DogNostics Enrichment Technician Certification Program, as well as Michael Shikashio’s Aggression in Dogs Mastercourse. She is a supporting member of both the IAABC and AMPP. Nicana is currently working towards becoming an accredited Dog Trainer through the IAABC while apprenticing under Rachel. She has two years of experience working in shelters, and she is most passionate about working with anxious/fearful dogs, as well as educating pet owners to help better their relationship with their pets. Her goal as a professional is to help dogs learn life skills to stay in their homes and deal with the stress of day to day life, and to help their owners learn to communicate with their pets in a harmonious way. Nicana worked as a Fear Free Certified Groomer and loves teaching dogs to file their own nails using the scratch board method, as well as using desensitization and counter conditioning skills to help dogs become more comfortable with grooming and veterinary husbandry. She also loves helping owners follow behavior modification plans, post-adoption work, and building enrichment plans.While Nicana’s main focus is dogs, she worked in wildlife rehabilitation for 3 years. She also has experience caring for horses, cats, small animals such as hamsters and guinea pigs, reptiles, and aquatic animals. One of her dreams is work on cooperative care with aquatic mammals.

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