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2021 has been a wonderful year for advancement for UpSwing Total Pet Care! In the course of this year, in addition to becoming a Certified Trick Dog Instructor, Rachel has gone on to become a Canine Conditioning Fitness Coach, a Stunt Dog Judge, and an AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator. But there is something else that she is very excited about - she also has become a Certified Animal Reiki Practitioner as well! Rachel was attuned and became a Usui Ryoho Reiki Master over the summer and has decided to take this knowledge and apply it to UpSwing in order to help more animals and their families. In addition, she has studied and is fluent in Crystal Healing methods as well. She is happy to announce that UpSwing Total Pet Care has completely leveled up into a holistic training and care company, and she is one of only a few Holistic Dog Trainers. She has also invested in 2 LED Red Light Therapy devices. They are medical-grade LED with 3000 mW input of therapeutic 660nm red light wavelength, for healing and pain relief purposes. She is pleased to provide this new service to her clients and can do single sessions as well as package deals (which multiple doses work better for healing and pain control)). This combined with proper muscle conditioning exercises is great for seniors.

And one more exciting thing - join the club! Rachel has started 2 subscription clubs that are available to clients new and old! The first is Trick of the Month Club - this exciting group concentrates on and masters one fun trick a month. There is a monthly Zoom meeting for members and a trick meet and greet for all local members. She is also offering free review of submissions for trick titles. It's incredibly fun! The second is Boredom Busters! This is an enrichment club where there will be monthly zoom meetings, as well as make-it meet-ups for local members as well. Each month a new and fun enrichment idea is featured. It is another fun way to get involved and keep your dog's mind busy! These are all very exciting changes and there are more on the horizon as UpSwing Total Pet Care settles into holistic training and care. We really hope that you will give one of our wonderful new services a try!

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