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Shelters & Rescues

UpSwing Canine Behavioral Services is dedicated to bettering the lives of dogs and people both.
We have quite a soft spot for shelter and rescue dogs, especially after spending many years working with them. As a thank you to our rescue and shelter communities, Upswing Canine Behavioral Services offers a 25% discount for all 501c3 nonprofit shelters and rescues that are seeking canine behavioral services. 


Some of the services offered are:

  •  Behavioral consultations and treatment plans for fosters and adopters

  •  Shelter and rescue dog evaluations and assessments

  •  Behavioral consultations and treatment plans for dogs in shelter

  •  Staff, foster and volunteer canine body language training

  •  Staff, foster and volunteer canine enrichment training

  •  Enrichment or training programs designed for shelters or rescues

  •  Canine risk assessment evaluations

If there is a specific service not listed above that you would like to request, please contact us and we can discuss. 

For more information or to schedule a shelter or rescue service please call: 724-213-2553
or email:


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