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Butler County's Leading Certified Canine Behavior Consultant - Serving all of Butler County PA & surrounding.

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UpSwing Canine Behavioral Services offers private, in-home training, in the comfort of your own home. Each session is tailored to your individual dog's needs and all lesson plans are carefully constructed by a credentialed and experienced professional - especially for your unique dog!

We are dedicated to helping you to actually understand and communicate effectively with your dog in a kind way. We put a heavy emphasis on building your relationship up with your dog while providing fun and enrichment during your dog's session. We give you the tools necessary and most importantly, we teach you how to teach your dog.  Dogs are learning every second of every day, so you need to make sure they are learning the right things!

We deal with many different kinds of behaviors from simple manners to complex anxiety, fears, reactivity and aggression. Since Rachel is a Certified Canine Behavior Consultant, she has been held to a high standard for testing and she maintains her credentials with continuing education to assure that all methods are the most up to date. Training has evolved - we know so much more now than ever about how our dogs think and why they engage in certain behaviors. 

Our pet dogs have been misunderstood for far too long. Myths and archaic training tactics have been normalized and passed down, but it is now time for a change. Are you ready to learn more about your dog?  We can't wait to teach you!

What are people saying about UpSwing?

"Rachel was the fourth trainer, and the second behaviorist, I contacted to try to help me with my dog. Rocky is a shelter dog with an unknown history and lots of big feelings, which I was having a hard time handling from his 90 pound body. He was reactive to other dogs, fearful at the vet, and unsure of a lot of handling. Other trainers tried to use force and intimidation to help me control Rocky, without ever getting to the root of his problems and perhaps making his fear and anxiety worse. The first behaviorist that I worked with was wonderful but had an over-the-top energy that revved Rocky up. Rachel worked from the perfect middle ground. Her demeanor is calm and soothing to dog and owner alike, while still being fun and engaging. She came to us with several different methods to help me get and keep Rocky’s attention, and to simply communicate with him better. The best part of training with her was that I didn’t force Rocky to do anything, but instead allowed him to think and make decisions for himself in a positive manner that I think will carry on in our day-to-day life much more easily than previous methods we had tried. Training a dog always takes work, but Rachel is a wonderful person to have in your corner. I highly recommend contacting her with any training or behavioral issues you are having with your dog."

M. G.

UpSwing Canine Behavioral Service is home to Butler County PA's leading Certified Canine Behavior Consultant.  Specializing in shy/fearful dogs and dogs with moderate behavior issues, we go beyond basic dog training and concentrate on true and effective behavior changes in a safe and humane way.  Let us help you  -  contact us today! 

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