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Happy 4th of July!

Updated: Jul 4, 2021

Did you know that on the 4th of July more pets are lost than on any other day of the year? It can often be a very scary time for our pets!

Here are 7 quick tips on how to makc the 4th of July a lot less stressful for your pets!

1) Leave your pets at home! Home is likely the safest place for them and when secured indoors in their homes, the risks of being lost are minimal to none.

2) Play calming music. Get your stereo ready and play some calming classical music for your pets. Remember that not all classical is created equal, so the less exciting, the better for this purpose. There is a CD called 'Through a Dog's Ear' is great for this!

3) Invest in some calming treats like Composure by VetriScience, or calming collars, sprays and/or diffusers that contain Adaptil (Adaptil is a synthetic pheromone that mimics the calming pheromone that the mom dog gives off while nursing - many dogs are calmed by this greatly). CBD oil can work wonders for some dogs as can Rescue Remedy by Bach Flower Essences. Thundershirts can also be a source of comfort for your pet! Keep your calming things and music in one central "zen" spot for your pets. This should be their designated comfort place - and in the most noise-proof room you have!

4) Never use fireworks around your pets. It doesn't matter how well trained we think our pets may be, or how desensitized we think they are, accidents happen. There are no fireworks great enough to risk losing your best friend!

5) Make sure ID tags are on collars and all microchip information is up to date. If your pet is lost this is the fastest way to get them back home.

6) Be careful with toxic items! Grapes are popular in fruit salads, but did you know how toxic they are to dogs? Xylitol is found in lots of sugar free gum, but just a little bit can land your pet in the emergency room. Be mindful of the items you have out and around for the holiday - especially if you have guests!

7) Enrichment, enrichment, enrichment! If you have been a client of mine you surely hear me talk about enrichment a lot! Providing your pet with a stuffed frozen Kong, a food dispensing toy, a snuffle mat or a puzzle is a great distraction from the 4th of July chaos! If outside in the heat of the day with the family, a kiddie pool, or some doggy ice-pops sure could hit the spot!

Remember - our pets rely on us to be safe and happy -

so be the best friend they could ever ask for!

Be safe this holiday!

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